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Round mark chair

               -Furniture that takes you to the sea

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As a complement to our wide range of mostly old maritime interiors we offer you a new and exclusive maritime-theme furniture collection designed and manufactured locally in Sweden.

The traditional navigation at sea has been the inspiration for the unique Swedish chair design, with a clear association to the navigational top signs.

The Mate table brings to mind the shape of a boat but also the classical feeling of the deck. Also available in the numbered set of furniture are the Captain armchair, the Admiral two-seat sofa, the Steward footstool and the Commander coffee table. Marine Collection of FEW is perfectly suitable for both public and private areas.

Exclusivity should not be gained at the expense of natural resources. If your heart beats for the environment and you appreciate unique and exclusive design, FEW of Sweden has the furniture for you. Environmental awareness and the Scandinavian forests are important sources of inspiration, which are combined with a well-considered and timeless design. The combination of Swedish design and an international form language enables you to create a pleasant atmosphere in the private or public setting.

Marine Collection of FEW is made by two well-renowned joineries using careful hands and scrutinising eyes. No piece leaves the joinery until approved and labelled. Marine Collection of FEW stands for both environmental responsibility and ingenuity and creates unique products with a timeless design and a value that lasts.
Captain Armchair & Steward Footstool
Square mark
Round mark
Table Mate with six different chairs

Table Mate



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Marine Collection of FEW
Marine Collection of FEW
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