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Experience Maritime Stockholm & Maritime Olso
We have chosen to list some of the hotspots of Maritime Stockholm and Maritime Oslo on our website. This should however only be seen as an introduction to what Maritime Stockholm and Maritime Oslo has to offer! For general information regarding visiting Stockholm, check out stockholmtown.com and for Oslo visitoslo.com.

The Brig “Tre Kronor af Stockholm"
Stockholm Archipelago
Waxholm III
Stockholm City
Stockholm City
s/s Storskär

Maritime Stockholm
Considered one of the most beautiful cities all around the world, Stockholm has a great lot to offer the visitor. Lying on 14 islands, Stockholm is located on the Strömmen Strait, between the Baltic Sea and the Lake Mälaren. The Stockholm archipelago just outside of the city consists of more than 20 000 islands and no visit to the capital of Sweden is complete without at least one excursion to this unique environment.

The Vasa Museum of Stockholm

The Vasa is the world’s only surviving 17th-century ship and one of the foremost tourist sights in the world. She is displayed in a purpose-built museum in Stockholm. Welcome to the Vasa website!

The Swedish National Maritime Museum
The Maritime Museum tells the story of merchant shipping, naval defense, and shipbuilding in Sweden.

The Museum Ships
Welcome to visit "Sankt Erik" and "Finngrundet". "Sankt Erik" is Sweden's first icebreaker launched in 1915 with the country’s largest functioning steam engine. The well preserved lightship "Finngrundet" was built in 1903.

Båthall 2
The Maritime Museum’s original collection of boats is located in Båthall 2 and includes some hundred boats from the 15th to the 20th century. One of Europe's largest and most unique collection of historical boats including the Royal Barge "Vasaorden".

Historical accommodations
Three unique and family run maritime hotels, all located in Stockholm’s historical Old Town (Gamla stan), only a short walk to most of the city's attractions.

>>Welcome to Lord Nelson Hotel -Affordable ship accommodation for land crabbers (3*)

>>Welcome to Lady Hamilton Hotel -First class Lady with royal location (4*)

>>Welcome to Victory Hotel -Five star boutique hotel with a sense for details (5*)

Welcome aboard the Mälardrottningen - Hotel & Restaurant in the heart of Stockholm
Stroll up the gangway as royal personages, financiers and movie stars have done. You are now on board Barbara Hutton's unique luxury yacht, a white beauty anchored in the heart of Stockholm. The vessel was constructed in 1924 and has been carefully preserved with all of the charm and ambience that only mahogany and shiny brass can inspire. A magnificent view of the lake Mälaren, the town hall and Old Town can be enjoyed from the deck. The Mälardrottningen offers you a unique hotel experience on board with nautical interior as well as a marine restaurant on one of the world's most beautiful ships in one of the world’s most beautiful spots.

The unique steamship Mariefred
Nowhere else do we find a ship maintaining its original route for 100 years, still equipped with her original steam-engine and with very few changes on board. Enjoy a traditional steamboat-steak or a lovely salmon in the old-fashioned dining saloon while sailing through the beautiful lake Mälaren.

A small shipping company, owned by the crewmembers and some 3000 members with one purpose; keeping the still coal-fired steamboats; s/s Blidösund, s/s Norrskär and s/s Storskär, in good vigour and in regular traffic. Welcome aboard for an evening filled with live music and typical Swedish cuisine or join us for a lunch tour. All our cruises invite you to experience the beautiful Swedish archipelago or the Lake Mälaren. (Regular tours only operate in summer)

The Brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm
The Brig “Tre Kronor af Stockholm” is a two-masted ship with both masts carrying square sails all the way. The Brig was one of the most important sailing vessels of the 18th and 19th centuries. This ship is modelled after "Gladan", a Brig built in 1857 as a cargo navy ship. "Gladan" also made two journeys as a supply ship for A F Nordenskiöld and his expeditions to Spitsbergen and Greenland. The construction of the Brig “Tre Kronor af Stockholm” has been carried out in the same traditional manner as when "Gladan" was built over 150 years ago.

Vaxholmsbolaget will take you on an unforgettable trip to the Stockholm archipelago. Waxholsbolaget cover most of the islands with 20 archipelago boats. Some are steam ships with a turn of century feeling and fine dining rooms onboard!

Strömma Kanalbolaget

Strömma Kanalbolaget also gives you a rare chance to experience the Stockholm archipelago. We strongly recommend you to take the Thousand Island Cruise on board the vessel M/S Waxholm III!

Aker Brygge, Oslo Christian Radich, Oslo The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo Dyna Lighthouse, Oslo Oslo

Maritime Oslo
The capital of Norway is located at the head of the Oslo Fjord and surrounded by forested hills. Norway has produced a great number of well known explorers who all went out on daring journeys. The town breeds a maritime atmosphere with a great selection of seafood restaurants as well as a variety of Fjord Cruises.

The Polar Vessel Fram (Frammuseet)
The polar vessel "Fram" played an integral role in the Norwegian expeditions to polar areas, as it was used on three historic journeys. "Fram" was the world’s most powerful conventional ship specially designed to withstand pack ice in the Polar Regions. The Arctic Sea ship has been well restored and preserved for posterity and is now moored at the Fram Museum in Bygdøy, Oslo. This museum also houses much of the equipment used by Nansen, Sverdrup and Amundsen on their expeditions. The Fram Museum presents great segments of our polar history, which is simultaneously world history in Polar contexts, and the museum is one of the finest sights of interest Oslo has to offer.

The Kon-Tiki Museum

Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2002) is one of history’s most famous scientists, adventurers and champions of the environment. The name Thor Heyerdahl is primarily associated with the Kon-Tiki expedition. In 1947, Heyerdahl and his crew sailed across the Pacific Ocean from Peru to the Tuamato Islands in Polynesia. The voyage took place on a lightweight raft made of balsa wood, and the expedition covered eight thousand kilometers in the course of 101 days. The purpose of the expedition was to prove Heyerdahl’s theory about migration from South America to Polynesia in former times.

Norwegian Maritime Museum

The museum houses a unique collection of maritime paintings, ship models and a presentation of Norway’s coastline and coastal culture featuring traditional wooden boats, fishing tackle and an interesting display of old artefacts once used in shipbuilding and stockfish production.

Christian Radich
Welcome to the Sail Training Foundation Christian Radich, a full rigged and well preserved beauty used as a sail training ship since 1937.

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